Cal Water H2O Challenge!

*All images are from the Cal Water website. If you live in California you have have heard about the Cal Water H2O Challenge.  If you haven’t, its a classroom competition for 4th-6th graders all about conserving and caring for water.  Cal Water offers all the information you need including competition handbooks,  how to register your classroom, prize information, past winners, and more. Go here to … Continue reading Cal Water H2O Challenge!

Easy ways to live a more Eco-friendly life!

I recently posted this on my other blog but I decided to share it with you guys 🙂 Hello my blogging friends! About 3 years ago I decided to make a big lifestyle change and live a more eco-friendly life! Why not, right?! Waste less, help save the planet, recycle, reuse…all sounds pretty awesome! It also helps that my husband is HUGE into everything that … Continue reading Easy ways to live a more Eco-friendly life!