Azalea turns 10 months old

Life. ¬†Life has gotten crazy and once again, I fell WAY behind doing Azalea’s monthly blog posts but luckily I have all of her photos already done ūüôā When Azalea turned 10 months old, I have to admit it was harder then any other month because uh, double digits- such a big girl! Here are my favorite photos from the month. ¬†She went to visit … Continue reading Azalea turns 10 months old

Azalea turns 9 months old!

My little ray of sunshine is growing up so fast. ¬†I swear, every day she is doing something new, she’s a fast learner! ¬†She brings so much joy into our lives and my heart is full with love because of her. I thought I’d throw in a few bloopers from our photoshoot. ¬†She’s such a riot! ¬†Body slammed her poor bunny. LOL. Here are a … Continue reading Azalea turns 9 months old!

Azalea turns 3 Months old!

It is amazing watching my daughter grow and learn new things. ¬†Every time she does something new I’m in awe watching her figure it out and then repeat her new learned skill! Our baby girl turned 3 months *sigh, about 10 days ago… I’m SO slacking on her blog post…bad mommy! BUT, better late then never! ¬†She has grown so much and is learning fun … Continue reading Azalea turns 3 Months old!

Azalea turns 2 months old!

Again, where did the time go?! ¬†I cannot believe how much our little love has grown and developed. ¬†She is such a big girl already at only 2 months old! She is getting SO big!!!! Look at how adorable she is! ¬†I just can’t believe that we made such a beautiful little human being! ‚̧ ¬† Her headband totally slipped down, but she is still … Continue reading Azalea turns 2 months old!