Azalea turns 9 months old!


My little ray of sunshine is growing up so fast.  I swear, every day she is doing something new, she’s a fast learner!  She brings so much joy into our lives and my heart is full with love because of her.


I thought I’d throw in a few bloopers from our photoshoot.  She’s such a riot!  Body slammed her poor bunny. LOL.


Here are a few photos from her month. ❤  We went to MommyCon, a Baseball game, got Kelly Slater’s autograph, and much more!
azalea-9-month-9azalea-9-month-7azalea-9-month-6azalea-9-month-5azalea-9-month-4azalea-9-month-3azalea-9-month-2azalea-9-month-1Also this month we got rid of all her plastic toys and totally revamped her play space!  She LOVES it!

Thanks for reading!


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