Soarin’ around the World-My thoughts

The last time I was at the parks (on the 4th of July) my husband and I managed to snag 2 fast passes for the new Soarin’ around the World ride.  I was super surprised because I had seen in a few Facebook groups I’m in that they run out of fast passes early on in the day (we got ours around 2pm-ish!).  Actually, I was surprised at how empty the park was for the holiday!  Ill be writing a post about the 4th of July next and will link it <HERE> and I even made my first video!

Anyways, back to Soarin… I was a little bit skeptical about it since I was a big fan of Soarin’ over California.  I mean, yeah…it was getting a little boring seeing the same thing over and over but the scents were awesome and I liked seeing familiar places.  The one part that bugged me was the end how it was Christmas time at Disneyland.

Soarin’ over the World is AWESOME!  I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to ride it again.  I don’t want to give away anything but the scenes are great and I even felt that “wow” feeling like I was really hang gliding (or whatever we’re doing on the ride).  It is a great change from the old Soarin and I was so excited to see what the next scene was.  So I highly suggest riding the ride-but get a Fast Pass so you don’t have to wait in a long line!

If you rode the ride, what did you think of it?  Do you like the old Soarin or the new one?  Leave your comments below!

Thanks for Reading!

Love Always,
Miyuki Angel


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