“Finding Dory”- My Review

Before I get started I want to let you all know there are spoilers!  So, if you have not yet seen the movie now is the time to click away!!!

Spoiler Alert! You have been warned…











Okay, I think that is enough warning… now onto my review.

I along with many, many others have waited 13 years for this sequel.  “Finding Nemo” was such an amazing and timeless movie that I love so much so naturally I had very high expectations for “Finding Dory”.

Over all I was very happy with the movie, although I didn’t expect it to make me feel the way I did.  Being a first time mother I put myself in Dory and her parents shoes.  I pictured that adorable little baby Dory as my daughter and how I would feel if she got lost.
I really felt connected to her and felt so sad when she was lost and every time she said she was sorry for forgetting my heart broke a little.  I even teared up a few times, especially when she finally found her parents at the end….*tear!  They never gave up, THAT is a beautiful thing ❤ image002 I think that if I wasn’t a first time mother to a 6 month old I wouldn’t have gotten so emotional over the movie because I wouldn’t have that “motherly instinct” but still think I would have felt a connection to her and her parents.  A big twist for me was that Dory was born in captivity, I never expected that or thought of that.  I really thought she was going to be from the ocean and the scenes in the Marine sanctuary were going to be minor but it was quite the opposite.

I loved all the new characters;  Hank, Gerald, Becky, Destiny, Bailey, Charlie, Jenny, Rudder, Fluke, and any others I might have missed.  Becky and Gerald are HILARIOUS!  That was one thing about the movie I loved was that it was so funny!


There is only one complaint I had about the movie.  I thought their dilemma went on to long.  They always kept getting separated or closer to finding each other and then something happens, then they get close to finding each other again and then something else happens…I think that just went on to long in my opinion.  The movie should have ended when the otters stopped traffic and they escaped the truck and back into the ocean.  Boom. The end.  But, that just my opinion.

Overall I would give this movie a A-…and the minus is only there because of what I previously said but again, I loved the movie and I will definitely be preordering it via. the Disney store when it becomes available!

If you saw the movie, what did you think of it?  Leave your comment below!

Thanks for reading,
Love Always,
Miyuki Angel

P.S.  If you saw the movie PLEASE tell me you stayed until the end of the credits!  It’s so good!








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