A few days ago I received a Blush Vox Box from influenster and let me tell you- it is awesome!  It has everything in it to help you prep for wedding season.  Within a month I have been to two BEAUTIFUL weddings and these products would have came in really handy while I was there.


The shampoo and conditioner from Pantene smell great and work great for my hair, I have long and thick hair so it is sometimes hard to find a conditioner that does the job and this one doesn’t disappoint!


I have the Simple brand micellar water so when I saw the wipes I was SO excited to try them out.  How convenient to have the micellar water in face wipes!  I tested it out when I woke up to help wake me up and clean my face a bit and it actually made my face feel a little bit of a burn (I do not have sensitive skin).  Afterwards my face felt refreshed and clean so I will give them another try and see if they burn my skin.


I am not a gel deodorant kind of girl so I was a mixture of “eh” and “hmmm?” when I received the Secret clinical strength deodorant but I must say I am pleasantly shocked!  I picture gel deodorant to leave you feeling sticky or wet for a while but this one is surprisingly really nice.  It dries fast left me smelling great all day and I was so happy I got the lavender scent, lavender is my favorite!  Oh, and a side note…this size is perfect for putting in the diaper bag, in my purse or clutch!


These Ardell natural lashes are beautiful and although I haven’t used them yet (I look forward to it), I know they will work great because I have used this brand before!

Do you use any of these products?  How much do you love them? 🙂

Thanks for reading

Love Always,
Miyuki Angel


  • I received these products complimentary for testing purposes, all opinions are my own.



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