“Alice Through The Looking Glass” – Now Playing in Theatres Everywhere!!!

Hello internet friends and family!

Is anyone else out there excited for the new movie “Alice through the looking glass”?  I know I am and it’s now out in theaters everywhere.   To celebrate the new movie I wanted to share with all of my readers some awesome “Alice through the looking glass” fun.

First up are these fun themed dessert videos!

Check out these “Alice Through the Looking Glass” Macarons HERE!

Check out these Cheshire Cat Cupcakes HERE!

Check out these Time Gear Cookies HERE!

Want to turn yourself into your favorite character?  Click HERE!
I turned  myself into the cheshire cat, don’t I look cute?

Here are some awesome coloring pages to print out for your little ones, they are so cool!



“Alice through the Looking Glass” in theaters everywhere NOW!


Thanks for reading!  I hope you enjoy the video links and print outs!


Love Always,
Miyuki Angel



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