Quote me…

Everyone has a motto or quote or quote(s) they live by.  It could either be words that put their  life back in “check”, brighten them up when they are feeling a little “blue”, maybe a quote that pumps them up and gets them ready to tackle a life situation or who knows… just words they love to hear often.

My husband’s quote is:
 “Do what you have to do in order to do what you want to do.” – Denzel Washington.

My husband says this often.  He is a “do-er” and will get something, anything done so he can later do what he wants.  Whatever it it, if it needs to get done in order to make our lives better he will get it done with no questions asked.  He is such an amazing provider for our family, I just appreciate and love him so much for that.

For me, I have so many quotes and sayings that I love.
I fully and completely believe in Karma, and not just the bad kind.  I think people forget that Karma isn’t just bad! I believe that “What goes around comes around”.  Whenever something good or bad happens I always say “Karma!”  So this quote is one I live by.
I am also a strong believer in love.  I think love can solve a lot of problems in the world!
I can’t find a quote about love that speaks to me at the moment, but if I come across one I will add it here.

My daughter, ever since she as in my tummy I have believed she marches to her own beat and now that she is here with us and at only 5 weeks old I see that this is true.  She is so strong, smart, happy, and at times wild.
“She has the soul of a gypsy, the heart of a hippie the spirit of a fairy”.
I have this quote saved on my phone many times for her.  It’s just is totally her!  I love her wild self to pieces!

So, how about you? If you had a quote that you lived by what is it?

Thanks for reading!
Love Always,
Miyuki Angel








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