Baby Angel Progress- Week 35

Week 35.png

This week I feel like I got HUGE out of nowhere.  Doing normal every day things has suddenly gotten harder to do and I feel like she is getting annoyed with the lack of space in there and she’s taking it out on my poor ribs…ouch!

So much baby belly! ❤


ABM_1447820602I took a lot of belly photos this week ❤



How far along?: 35 weeks starting on November 11th, 2015

Total weight gain/loss: yep, skipping it again… more so because I am to lazy to get up and go weigh myself….

Maternity clothes? Yes

Stretch marks? Yep, same ones on my hips and butt, they haven’t gotten worst…. yet but they are still pretty dark, ugh! But I guess that’s jut part of it so I accept it…

Sleep: Oh man… sleep this week has been completely terrible!  Worst then ever before.  I am officially in that stage where I am SO uncomfortable and in pain all the time.  My hips ache, my back hurts, nothing can help me get comfy… Since I have been sleeping only a few hours a week I started napping again and that has helped me a lot.

Best moment this week: 
This is in no way a “best moment” but one that I want to touch on.  On November 13th 2015 Paris was attacked by terrorists.  I along with the whole world was glued to the t.v. as the whole thing unfolded.  It is such a terrible and sad act and many people lost their lives.  It was their version of our “9/11”.

This week my hubby spoiled me by painting my nails.  Actually, I asked him to but he happily helped me out since I can’t reach my feet anymore, what a great guy huh! Thanks babe ❤

This week I also finished packing the baby’s hospital/ diaper bag AND blogged about it! Whew, what an accomplishment!  If you want to check it out you can read it by clicking *HERE*

I’m a dork and obsessed with candles so I got super excited when I bought my holiday candles!  They smell soooooo good!


Labor Signs: None yet, just random braxton hicks which, by the way…hurt me.  That makes me so nervous about what real labor will feel like but I just try to not think about it…

Symptoms: Same as they have been… nauseous, exhausted, cramping, uncomfortable, sore everywhere.. normal pregnancy stuff…

Belly Button in or out? still level, maybe it won’t end up sticking out!

Wedding rings on or off? Off

Happy or Moody most of the time: Again, I’d say half and half but I blame that due to me not getting enough sleep and having headaches because of it….

Looking forward to: Next week we have a appointment where they are doing a pelvic exam… not to excited about that but I am excited to hear her heart beat and check in on her.  Also coming up we will have our last ultrasound where we will get to see how big she is measuring!  I can’t wait for that.  Then of course I am looking forward for her arrival!  I hope she goes easy on me and we have a safe and fast delivery.

Thanks for reading!


Love Always,
Miyuki Angel










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