Things I miss about not being pregnant…

So random but this photo as taken while hubby was practicing throwing his new boomerang, the sky was beautiful!
So random but this photo as taken while hubby was practicing throwing his new boomerang, the sky was beautiful!

Ever since becoming pregnant all I see on Pinterest is baby, pregnancy, and stuff like that pop up on feed under “recommended for you”.  There have been a bunch of articles and and blog posts about “What people don’t tell you about being pregnant” and yeah they were helpful and most of them I actually knew about before becoming pregnant but they forget about the little things.  So here I go, writing my list of Things I miss about NOT being pregnant…not that I don’t like being pregnant but I wouldn’t say that I am one of those women who LOVE it.  Im excited for the end result but not super stoked about the 9 (actually 10 month) process…. Here we go, raw..unfiltered and plain honest..

  1. I miss sleeping on my back and my stomach.  At the beginning its fine but once that belly starts to pop you can’t sleep on your stomach and you back becomes a no-no.  Now, I’m no doctor but I have read and been told something along the lines of there is a main artery that delivers blood to the baby that when you sleep on your back something presses up against the artery which cuts off blood to the baby- can’t be good.  So ya, I miss being able to sleep on my back and stomach.
  2. I miss not being sick all the time.  I know most women kick the morning sickness after around 15 weeks but unfortunately for me it’s not gone.  I’m currently 22 (almost 23) weeks and its still here.  Totally crappy.  I almost forgot what it feels like to be not sick…
  3. I miss doing Zumba multiple times a week.  Before getting pregnant I dreamed of being one of those women who worked out all the time during their pregnancy but sadly, not happening.  As stated in #2 above…I am so sick all the time that working up a sweat and breathing heavy makes me throw up so Zumba is sadly out of the question but hubby, the dogs and I do go on long walks so I guess thats better then nothing.
  4. I miss my clothes.  Right before I got pregnant I went on a small shopping spree and stocked up on Summer skirts, dresses, cute tops and other misc. Summertime outfits aaaaaaand then I got pregnant.  So, sadly all those new clothes I packed up and will hopefully fit into them next Summer!
  5. I  miss not being swollen all the time.  My hands and feet swell up like crazy because of the heat and if i walk around to much.  Not only do they swell up but they ache super bad.  Icing them helps but I don’t always have ice, water and a bowl to dip my hands in.  Along with my hands swelling brings me to #6
  6. I miss wearing my wedding ring.  My hands swelled up so much my ring no longer fits me.  It won’t even go over my first knuckle! wow!
  7. I miss not having to go pee every 15 minutes.  Seriously, I go all the time its annoying!  Every night I get up about 4-6 times to go pee…good bye sleep and hello bathroom!
  8. I miss not having PTSD from my horrible “pregnancy dreams”. I have never had such freaky scary dreams in my entire life and now every night is a struggle for me to fall asleep because of the fear of having more nightmares….thanks a lot pregnancy hormones!

Now I know there are a few of you who will read this and take it totally wrong and think all I am doing is complaining (don’t get your panties all in a bunch, take a chill pill) these are just the things I miss… but, It is what it is!

I am so excited about our next chapter that will be beginning in a few months and all of the above things I miss will soon (hopefully) be back to normal and we will have a beautiful baby girl in our lives!

Thanks for reading!  Any mommies out there?  What things did you miss while you were pregnant?  Comment below! ❤

Love Always,
Miyuki Angel


One thought on “Things I miss about not being pregnant…

  1. I’ve never been pregnant and my husband and I won’t start trying for another 4 or 5 years probably but this is all good information! I’ve heard that some women just never kick the morning sickness… that’s just cruel! Throwing up is bad enough, but now you get to do it basically until your sweet baby is born? Ew… 😦

    Btw, I didn’t think you were complaining at all, just being honest! Not everyone loves being pregnant, and that’s perfectly fine! What’s important is that at the end of it all you have a healthy baby that you love, and Azalea will be here soon enough! 🙂

    ❤ and harp strings,

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