My very first Ipsy Glam Bag!

Hooray!  It’s finally here and I couldn’t be more excited!!!  It arrived in a beautiful hot pink shiny bag-so adorable!  I’m a sucker for great packaging!


I love all the items I received well, the gloss not so much, i’ll explain later…

First I’ll start with the bag…


To be completely honest I didn’t like the bag when I saw the photo online but when I got it I started to warm up to it a bit.  It’s much cuter in person!  The only thing I am worried for is that it will start to shred and fall apart over time because the outside is constructed of that straw type material.  But besides that, I love it!  For me a deal breaker for any bag is if the zipper doesn’t work well then I won’t like the bag no matter what, and so for those wondering…the zipper is awesome!


The first item I opened was this Jor’el Parker parfum.  I’m very particular with the scents I wear and I actually really like it.  It’s strong but not to strong, it rolls on nice and will fit perfectly in my purse.


Next thing I moved to was my “Nude Dude” eyeshadow….Snapchat--7437907679069323163I received the color “fit” and I love it.  It’s a great color, shimmery bronze/goldish, looks great on my skin!  The packaging is amazing!  I love the cover and this whole theme they went with and I love that it’s made in the U.S.A.!

Next up is “Lash Princess” by essence.


I haven’t used this yet but I can’t wait to!  Tomorrow this will be my mascara I use!  It’s a volume mascara and I think it’s pretty neat that it’s made in Italy!

I also received this Aragon oil hair serum by Theorie.


I have never used Argan oil before but I look forward to testing this product out soon.  Once I test it out I will post a review for this.

Last but not least… “cuddle” lipgloss by Starlooks.


I like the color but have not tested it out yet and sadly I won’t be testing it.  I read the ingredients list for all my items I received this month and sadly this product has parabens in it.  If you know me you know that I purged out all of my products that have parabens in them so this item will no be used by me.  So sad!  but if I know a product has a chemical in it that can do harm….why use it!?

Overall, I LOVE my very first Ipsy Glambag!  I already can’t wait for next months bag!  I wonder what the theme will be?

Do you sign up for Ipsy and received a glambag?  What do you think of this months bag?  leave your comments in the comment section below!

Thanks for reading,


Love Always,

Miyuki Angel


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