Handmade Ecentrik Hapa “Wherever-Charms”

A few weeks ago my husband and I went to Tahoe.  We walked around the shopping area and wow, I was blown away by the awesome stores they have.  We went into this glass store and I was instantly inspired to start making my “Wherever-Charms”.  The charms I started making are super cute and I love, love, LOVE them!

I personally hand pick all the beads and charms and I handmade them all myself!  I try to use mostly glass and rock beads.  I love using more natural beads and use mostly more “zen” style charms.

I just made a few Disney inspired “Where-ever” charms that I hope you all like…

1926788_10155309603895117_7277120386131137010_n 10172575_10155309603700117_1466622523324298548_n 11081277_10155309604130117_7892953855385031910_n

I’ve made over 30 charms, so I have a great stock to put into my shops and my online store.  My wonderful husband is making me a display stand for all my “Wherever Charms” and I can’t wait till its finished!!!


I’ll be listing them up in my Etsy shop soon but they are also located in our local shop!!!

Thanks for reading,


Love Always,

Miyuki Angel


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