Repairing awapuhi ginger shampoo & conditioner by Organix

You guys, I love, love, LOVE this shampoo and conditioner so much!  I have had it for a few weeks now and finally got around to using it and just had to share with you all.  I picked mine up at CVS back when it was on sale and it was a heck of a deal!

First off, these smell AWESOME.  So fresh and delicious, I love it-and plus, who doesn’t love using sulfate free shampoo and conditioner?  It’s creamy and rich and just feels so great.  After washing my hair I briefly used a blow dryer then let my hair air dry and I was so shocked that I didn’t feel like I needed to straighten it!   I looked in the mirror and thought “Wow, my hair looks great!” I have only used these products once and I’m sure that with more uses it will make my hair even more awesome.  I love this product and I look forward to using it more and trying others out by Organix!

Have you ever used Organix before?  What product have you used and how much do you love it!? 🙂


Love Always,

Miyuki Angel


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