The start of my 2015 Garden.

Spring has sprung!  I have been looking forward to starting my garden for a while now and it’s finally the time of year to start it up!  The other day I went to my local Lowes and purchased some seeds, I got lettuce, basil and cilantro.  I was so excited to plant them but little did I know our Night Fury (Espy-our border collie/mcnabb mix) had different plans.   She decided to tear up all my seed packets all over the lawn.  I went outside after minutes of putting them back there and BAM! they were everywhere.  Of course they are tiny seeds spread out all over our lawn so there was no even trying to collect them.  So now our lawn may be having some veggies and herbs growing out of it- oh joy!
So, the next day I went out and started again.  I got a few plants and a bunch of seeds AND they were organic seeds WOO HOO!

After I got them all planted into their containers I realized….Night Fury (Espy) is going to destroy them so I asked hubby to build me a table and he did an awesome job!  We had some scrap wood and hubs did an awesome job for what we had!

I can’t wait for the seeds to start sprouting and eating from our yummy garden!

Have you started your garden?  What seeds and plants have you planted?


Love Always,

Miyuki Angel


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