My beloved dehydrator & how to dehydrate apples!

I have 3 kitchen items that I love ever-so much.
1. My kitchen Aid
2. My crock pot
3. My dehydrator.
Each has been featured numerous times on my blog but lately I have been using my dehydrator the most. I absolutely looooooove my dehydrator and all the goodies that come from using it.


Out of everything I have put through my dehydrator, apples are my all time favorite-and I don’t even like apples!  I always use organic apples and oooooooh man, do they turn out so delicious!  Here’s my recipe…

I personally like to peel my apples because I’m not a fan of the hard skin but I know a few people who like to leave it on….it’s up to you.

  • So first I peel my apples, core them then slice them into thin slices.  They don’t have to be paper thin but pretty thin and then I soak them in 100% pineapple juice (none of that concentrate crap).  Soaking them in pineapple juice helps them not turn brown and I’m sure also adds nice flavor to them.  They get a delicious pineapple juice bath for about 5 minutes then transferred onto a plate where they get a nice cinnamon dusting then laid out on the dehydrator trays.  I don’t know if every dehydrator is different so follow the temperature directions for fruit and let the dehydrator do the rest! I like mine to dehydrate for about 12 hours.


When they are done dehydrating let them cool (they won’t be hot but you want the warmth to go away) then put them in an air tight container/bag.  I like to keep mine in glass jars.  They are SO delicious and a super healthy snack.  While they are dehydrating you home will smell like yummy warm apples and cinnamon!


I also dehydrated pineapple, mangos and strawberries!

Do you have a dehydrator? What are some of your favorite things to dehydrate?

Thanks for Reading!


Love Always,

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