New drink obsession

I’m not to sure why, but for some reason some days it is SO hard for me to drink water and by the end of the night I’m paying for it.  Feeling dehydrated is a terrible feeling, that’s why you need to drink at least half your weight in ounces of water.
For example if you weigh 100 lbs you should be drinking 50 oz of water every day.
One of my new friends recently got me hooked on a Starbucks drink that I L.O.V.E.  it is soo yummy and refreshing and it helps me make sure I drink enough liquids!


I introduce to you a iced green tea with no water and 2 pumps of sweetner.  You say no water because then you get straight green tea not watered down and if you don’t say 2 pumps of sweetner they will add 7 and that is waaaaay to much!  Since it’s just tea it’s a healthy alternative for a liquid (just make sure lessen the sweetner they add…that will turn it into an unhealthy drink!)  I love this green tea because it has a hint of mint and it so-o refreshing!
What’s your favorite (healthy) Starbucks drink?
Love Always,
Miyuki Angel


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