Welcome Guest Blogger- Jordin Chubbuck!

Good Morning everyone, it is a beautiful rainy day here in California.  I think all of us “Californians” are super happy about it because we have been in a terrible drought, so any rain is welcomed with open arms!


I want to give a warm welcome to our guest blogger Jordin Chubbuck!  I have know Jordin since high school (let’s NOT talk about how long ago that was…lol)  and she has always been a hard worker who has never given up; proof is in her successful small business she started up all on her own.  Her story is such an inspiration and it just goes to show you that hard work and a lot of heart will take you a long way…Take it away Jordin…


I am a happily married 24 year old mother of two amazing girls, I own a small business, and I attend college full time.  My husband and I decided a few years ago that I could stay at home with the girls and it has truly been an awesome experience ever sense. Being able to watch them grow and learn something new everyday and not be worried about who their with and what might be happening is priceless. I also run my small business from my house where I have an office with all my supplies. I am able to contact my customers, make their pieces, and send them out all from the comfort of my own home. In addition to being a stay at home mom and running my own business I also attend college online full time and will be for the next three years. I am majoring in Psychology and once I have completed the necessary schooling and experience I hope to work with children as a counselor. Juggling all three tasks as well as a part time baby sitting job can at times make me feel like I am going crazy , but who hasn’t felt that way at one point or another in their life? I personally say that it is all worth it, I am able to experience everything that makes me happy in life all at once. I don’t think it gets any better than that 🙂 Why did I start a small business? 11004665_1041662029181099_1444312643_n I started a small business because I wanted to take my passion of crafting to another level. I have always been a crafty person by nature , it just brings me such joy to create something new and beautiful. Since I was a young girl I can remember buying bead kits and making bracelets, necklaces, and all kinds of fun crafty gifts. There is just something so satisfying about watching the progress of what you are making from start to finish. So I thought , why not do something I love for a living? That was just the beginning of this wonderful journey I am on today, because of course the idea for my business didn’t come to me over night.  I actually tried a few other things before I landed on the perfect idea! I was inspired from a gift that I bought for my dad, a hand stamped guitar pick. 13151_1041677005846268_2282848698653782951_n Because he is one of those guys that has everything I had to find something really special and since he is a musician what better gift than a guitar pick with a custom quote? Truly a one of a kind gift! It was perfect! So the more I looked at the other hand stamped pieces the more I fell in love with the idea of doing it myself. But again this was not something that happened over night. It took months of researching if I could really make this a successful business , how much it would cost to get started , I also had to teach my self the art of hand stamping, research what metals and materials I would use, what I wanted my business name and theme to be. I put a lot of effort into starting my business the right way. Once I did start I was working on a small coffee table and had one set of upper and lower case font , in addition to a small selection of the necessary tools. That was two years ago and since then I have completely rebuilt my company. 10407336_614858588646578_5402474725790159996_n10426111_614858781979892_6237745538413238158_n I have a large selection of tools that allows me to create an endless variety of looks and styles, I have graduated to a desk and work space of my own. I have also started attending craft shows and fairs, and that was a huge jump from just working at home.  You have to make sure to have a large inventory of pieces, displays for your pieces , A tent , a large business sign , business cards, and I do giveaways as well as make freebies to give out to potential customers. 10686778_614858801979890_8032788798245804755_n I had to think of what I would need and what I might need before I even got there. Some might think that having a small craft business is “easy” or “anyone can do it” well that simply isn’t true. I put my heart and soul into every piece I make as well as my business , it is not something I take lightly. But With hard work also comes the reward and when I get feedback from my customers saying that my work made them cry because the piece means so much to them , It makes all the hard work worth it! I have been blessed to make some really special pieces for weddings, best friends, lovers, someone that has lost a loved one, or something personal. When I go through the process of making each piece it allows me to be apart of that life event , I get to know that person and I am so honored that they choose me to mark their special occasion with a timeless treasure. 10981657_614858728646564_4078709046645674670_n

What type of product do I sell? I sell hand stamped and custom jewelry , anything from necklaces , bracelets , earrings, tags for pets, wine charms, money clips, Guitar picks, bookmarks and much more jc211016532_1041666732513962_1011751970_n 10731117_576290799170024_5937534026440403702_n (1)

Pretty much anything you can stamp on I will try and work with! I specialize in custom pieces , and what I mean by that is someone will contact me with an idea or a photo. Then I will look online at my endless list of sources that offer pretty much any crystal , charm, metal or chain you would want on a piece. I will send the customer all the different options that best suit what they are looking for. Until we have built the perfect custom piece to meet all of their needs. So my customers are the designers and I bring their ideas to life. For any of you that might not be familiar with the process of hand stamping, it is when you take each individual letter stamp needed to spell out a name or word. There is no machine or press involved , everything I do is by hand. This also means no two pieces are alike , it is not humanly possible to aline the letters perfectly every time. But that is why I personally love hand stamping, you can buy a piece knowing no one else in the world has one just like yours. I am always moving forward and striving to find new designs and bring as many options as I can to my customers because there are many other hand stamping designers like myself, I make sure that I stand out , and I believe the custom services I offer set me apart from the rest of them. I can also say that I go above and beyond for my customers, they are buying more than a custom one of a kind piece they are buying an experience.

What inspires me?

Honestly The world around me does, colors, shapes and certain styles I see. I like to bring a positive attitude and beauty to my jewelry. Something that will make you smile when you see it, but my favorite part is when I am able to inspire my customers to make something they can love and treasure for years to come. 1962691_549495681849536_7374002551157826136_nI believe that a true artist can think on their feet , that is what sets them apart from all the fakes and phonies. For example when I am making a custom piece for a customer and say something doesn’t go quite as planned and I am able to take that mistake and make it into something even better. I think you can make anything into a work of art it just takes a certain kind of person that can truly see the beauty in anything. Not everyone can imagine, create, and look beyond what is in front of them. That is something you are either born with or you aren’t it is a gift and it should be taken advantage of. What have I learned from starting a small business? I have learned that without a support system you are going to have a rough time being successful. I personally have an amazing support system and wouldn’t have gotten this far without them! First is my husband, my rock! He has been there for me since the beginning. No matter what I have wanted to pursue he has always helped in any way he could. Even though I make everything you see and and I run every aspect of my business I consider him my partner. Before I send anything out or complet11016516_1041616812518954_241390074_ne any project I always take it to him and get his input. He has also helped with my bigger projects , for example he made my 7 foot wooden sign that I take to all my shows. He also made an awesome custom chandler to hang in my booth, help put hundreds of free goodies together for my shows, helped make some of my display items and did countless other things that needed to be done before my first big show.  Without his help I wouldn’t have been able to get everything together that I needed to take my pieces on the road. My other support system is my in-laws.  When I was ready to take the next step and expand my business they were able to give me just the helping hand up that I needed to get started. My father in-law owns his own finance company Simplified Leasing.bS4zLjM3NDEwMDM4LjY2MDE10997097_1042179255796043_883665020_n

He specializes in helping large and small company’s alike get the financing they need to move forward in a way they wouldn’t otherwise be able to do on their own. Last but not least my customers! I would not be the success I am today without customers like you helping me keep my dream alive by choosing me for your hand stamped and custom jewelry needs and passing along my name to others.11006098_1042237995790169_1579772467_n  Bottom line Running a business is hard work and unless your heart is in it you shouldn’t even bother, because it takes takes time to get your name out there and to really get people interested. But if you have an idea that you truly believe in and are willing to pursue it with all your heart I say what the heck are you waiting for?


www.thesilvercocon.com https://www.facebook.com/thesilvercocoon

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