Sewing Adventures!

I start some kind of new craft or project every other week.  I am obsessed with learning new crafts and sewing is my most recent adventure.  I have owned a sewing machine for a few months now but just recently got around to unpacking it!

During one of our visits to my hubby Grandma’s, she gave me this little blanket sewing kit her and her friends put together.  Her and her sewing group sew baby blankets/quilts and donate them to foster children so they have a baby blanket, how amazing right?  Well the one in the above photo is one she gave me.  They were just strips that you sew straight lines and attach each strip.  I just need to add a back and border!

Also while I was there she gave me this awesome designer trash bag she made.  She knows how much I LOVE wiener dogs so I am SUPER stoked about this and love it so, so much!  It’s perfect for having right next to me while I sew!

I have been searching on Pinterest (check out my Sewing Pinterest board!) and was researching easy sewing projects and BAM!  I found sooo many easy projects, most of them include just sewing in a straight line….so…I decided to start sewing baby blankets.


Oh, oh, and to make it even better, flannel was 60% OFF at Joanns AND I get a 10% military discount, score!

I read that a lot of moms love the hospital receiving blankets because they are just one layer so thats what I’m doing.  Im just double folding the edges and sewing them so all the edges are finished!  I put together some of the CUTEST color/theme combinations!

It has been a little frustrating at times because I am teaching myself how to sew, but thanks to youtube and pinterest I think I will be a pro soon…(ha!)

Do you like to sew?  What has been your favorite sewing project that you have finished?

Thanks for reading!!!


Love Always,

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 3.13.11 PM


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