Mini Hot Topic haul

Back during Christmas time Hot Topic had a promo where when you spent “X” amount of money you get “X” amount of Hot Cash.  Well, just a few weeks ago I got to spend it and I’m so excited to show you what I bought!
This is just a mini haul, I got the most out of the Hot Cash by doing 2 separate transactions and purchasing 3 items.


How adorable is this dress!!! I love the collar and the adorable skull and daisy print!


Ahhhh, isn’t this dress AMAZING!  The print is just to die for and  I can’t wait for Summer to get here so I can wear it!


I got these earrings to wear with my Hawaiian Stitch dress! So adorable huh!  If you can’t tell, Stitch is one of my favorite Disney characters! 🙂
I never saw any of these items in the store, I purchased them all online.
Ordering online was really easy to do and I had them ship it to my local store so I could save on shipping costs 🙂
Do any of you own any of these pieces?  If so comment below with your reviews, I’d love to read them.
Love Always,
Miyuki Angel


One thought on “Mini Hot Topic haul

  1. I think this is so interesting! I also bought the same dresses during that sale. I randonly came across this looking for a picture of the dress. I’m planning to wear both to Disneyland next week for my 30th birthday. I realized I could totally use the red dress as my Minnie inspired outfit. Also, I love Lilo and Stitch! As much as I love Stitch I identify with Lilo. I wish there was a little bit of her on it. I ended up buying some cute accessories on Etsy to go with the outfits.

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