Fun-kid friendly craft- Painted Rocks!

Last weekend hubby and I went back home (that will be another blog post) and while we were there we collected rocks!  Yes, rocks.  I knew I would be babysitting one more day and wanted to pick a fun craft for the last day.  I remembered painting rocks when I was younger, my mom would send my sister and I down to the creek and collect smooth flat rocks to paint on.


My little buddies are always thrilled to break out the paint box,
they LOVE to paint and be creative.
20150209_154526 20150209_154707

Before you paint your rocks, make sure you wash them well to get all the dirt,
dust, and grime off.  At first we couldn’t think of anything she wanted to
paint so we looked on one of my most favorite websites for inspiration
Pinterest! (<– click the link to view my personal Pinterest, feel free to follow!)
20150209_155047 20150209_155056

The first rock she decided to paint a lady bug and she did a fantastic job.  Next she painted a frog and a bird!  So cute, fun and easy!

This is a really fun and easy (affordable) craft to do with children of almost all ages!
Have you ever painted rocks?  Isn’t it so fun and relaxing?!
Comment below with any fun crafts you like to do!


Love Always,

Miyuki Angel


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