Welcome our first guest blogger- Lena Short!

I always love to promote other people.  Especially when they are doing something awesome like blogging or own their own small business!   I thought featuring a new blogger often would be a great way to promote them and  spread the word of what they do! Every so often I’ll have a guest blogger post on here showcasing what they do, how they got there, tips, tricks, advice  and anything else they want to add.

With that being said, it’s my pleasure to welcome our first guest blogger ever to Dose of Serendipity; Lena Short.  I love her writing style-it’s raw and to the point, I love her work and she is an all around great person.  Please remember to check out her links at the end of her post, her shop and blog are awesome and worth giving them a look and follow!

Take it away Lena!


Hi there. My name is Lena and I am so excited to be a guest blogger for one of my favorite people on the planet!! I am pretty stoked about it so please join me as I tell you a little about me and about what I do 🙂

I was born and raised in Northern Cali but my heart resides in SoCal. I moved to the San Diego area a few years back, met my darling husband and started a new life for myself. We have since moved back up north, and are starting to work on the next chapter of our lives.
I have always been crafty. I went to college for art for awhile but then switched to animal science somewhere along the way. Well both are my passion so I think I get a good mix of each. Anyways, like I said i’ve always been crafty, and when I met my husband I soon found out he too loved art and animals, hence the marriage 😉 Together we have not stopped creating things. Which is why we decided to start our own little business. We loved all the things we made so much that we thought, “well hell, maybe others would like them to”. We tried to sell an array of things so far, starting with sandblasted mason jars with LED lids. They were awesome!! We sandblasted skulls and ‘San Diego’ and ‘I adore you’ on them along with a few others.


We even made a whole set for someone doing the relay for life and we special made them with pink lights and everything. I still have a bunch and its still great to use the jars for other things and think “Damn, we made that shit!” whenever I pull one out after not seeing it for a while.


Those were fun but were a lot of work as we made our own circuit boards and everything, soon it became too much work for the little amount we sold, but that did not stop us! We took a break for a while but have now started back up making resin pendants and earrings and things. We started with a few molds one day and haven’t stopped!! In all honesty I hate the selling part but fucking love the shit out of the making part!


What inspires me to create, well, its hard to say, and it could be a few things. One- I would say would be myself. I inspire myself everyday to continue greatness. To me creating IS greatness. Using my hands and my mind and coming out with this crazy awesome necklace, or whatever it may be, is the best to me. I get different inspiration every day, seeing my friends creating, like this girl here Ashley who I love dearly, she’s a mad house with her crafting and creating and I love it! I love crafting with her no matter what it is, I know it will be amazing and so much fun!


My husband and our animals inspire me as well. My husband challenges me to push harder, hes much better at some things than me, but thats why were a great team. Sometimes we are outside all damn day just working on shit. Anything from making pendants to building chicken coops, to making a pallet garden. The best part is no matter what I want to do, no matter how crazy the idea, he always finds a way to help me bring it to life.


And those animals? Well just looking at those cute furry faces makes me want to paint them and save their adorability forever locked inside a beautiful canvas.


I think all those previous mentioned inspirations helped me want to start a blog. I have also always loved writing. I have always (since I was about 9) wrote songs or poems anything I could to get my feelings out. I have always had a lot of emotions inside me and the only way I could breathe was to put them on paper and get them out of me. I had wanted to start a blog for a while but I think I was scared at first. Scared no one would want to read what I wrote or even think it was interesting. Scared I would be judged especially scared of my family reading about me. But then I said, “Hey fuck that, if you want to write, you fucking start that blog and don’t worry about anything or anyone else.” And so I took my own advice and started. With help from Ash she got me on the right track and off I went. I am very different on paper (or computer) then in real life. I guess thats part of it though, in life I am quite and respectful and I watch my dirty fucking sailors mouth around most everyone unless I know they are okay with it, like my husband and my coworkers who are just as uh sailory.. So I made myself a promise that I would be “me” when writing. It’s my outlet and I can write how I want to! (thats how the song goes, right?) Things I write about on my blog can be anything from daily life, things I hope for in the future to my emotions and really anything that makes me want to write. With each word I am giving you all of me, the way I am deep down, and I will say what I really want to say.

Since starting my blog and my etsy store i’ve learned a few things and I will share them as advice;

1: It takes time. Learning or starting anything new takes time, so allow yourself the time.
2: Sometimes you look at the keyboard and forget you know english.
3: Just because no one is reading or buying your product doesn’t mean it’s not bad ass.
4: Don’t get your panties in a bunch if its been 6 weeks since your last post but your busy as fuck with work and things. Eventually you will post something again and it will be great. Dont let it be a stress, it should be an outlet, something fun you do on your time.
5: If it doesnt sell, oh well. Be proud of yourself that you made it, you posted it, and you gave it your best. Be proud that you even have an etsy shop or whatever you choose, some people just wish they did. Which brings me to..
6: If you want to start a blog or a business, just fucking do it! Just start, just do it, come on do it. Really, I waited and waited and thought “No, i’m too busy I wont keep up with it, blah blah blah” Just fucking do it you will feel so much better, because when you do get a second that hard part is done and you can just post your little hearts desires and trust me, it will feel great.


Anyways I thank you so much for reading and I hope you giggled, smiled, or maybe did a little ‘meh’ smirk at something I said. You are all invited to invade my space, in fact I welcome it 🙂



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