Easy tape/paint project for all ages!

This week I will be babysitting for one of the Marine wife’s out here on recruiting duty with us, and every day I have a different craft project planned out for her oldest daughter.  Today’s craft project was super easy, super fun and it turned out adorable!


You don’t need fancy or decorated tape, thats just what I had on hand.  You can use electrical tape or painters tape, it doesn’t matter because it will get covered with paint!

You can tape off any design or wording you can think of. Since it’s February and Valentines day is this month I stuck with the most meaningful word of all “Love”.  Very simple,meaningful and to the point.


I laid down a towel in the back yard, dripped down some paint and let my little buddy (6 years old) do her thing.  You want to make sure all the tape is down good and make sure the entire canvas gets covered with paint!  The best part is that you don’t have to clean the paint brush in-between colors because it all gets beautifully blended together.


When the paint was a little dry I got a knife and started carefully peeling the tape off, then let it sit out to dry.


After it was dry I got a bronze/gold sharpie and lined the letters.  It just makes the letters pop and covers up any paint that slipped under the tape.


Look how great it turned out!  She was super proud of her art work and I can’t wait for tomorrows craft project!

Have any great craft projects that are good for kids?  comment below!

Thanks for reading,


Love Always,

Miyuki Angel


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