Get up and go- No Excuses!!!

“I don’t have a gym membership”
“I don’t have the time”
“I have no equipment”
“I’m not motivated”

I hate hearing excuses for everything but I especially hate hearing excuses for why people don’t workout.  Unless you are actually physically unable to move, there is no excuse to not get your lazy butt up and moving!

Don’t have a gym membership?  Don’t have equipment? No biggie! Saves you money anyways. Get up and go outside.  Take your dogs out for a walk or run, do squats, do lunges all the  way to the mail box and back, find a park with benches and do dips, pull ups on the monkey bars etc. The list of what you can do without a gym membership is endless.


I personally love to go out on long walks with my dogs and husband.

Don’t have the time? MAKE TIME!  My husband works well over 40 hours a week and still manages to go to the gym every single morning before he goes into work at 8am.  He gets up around 6am just to go to the gym for an hour then goes into work and doesn’t get home till about 7pm.  If he can do it anyone can.

Not motivated? Well you should be! If your own health doesn’t motivate you to get up and go exercise then I don’t know what will!  Do you have kids? They look up to you more then you know, do it for them.  Summer will be here before you know it, do it for that summer body you have always wanted.

Don’t waste your time coming up with excuses, just get up and go exercise! Your life is depending on it!

Thanks for reading!
Love Always,
Miyuki Angel


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