Life is Crazy around the Angel household!

I have always been a crazy animal lover.  If I can ever help an animal I will, and this week I took on a HUGE load… We are fostering 7 puppies AND their parents!  Their story is so beautiful…  The mom and dad are both strays and found each other, got pregnant and he stuck by her side. She had her puppies by a canal in coyote country and the locals said the dad protected their family from coyotes until they were rescued by a animal rescue group!  THAT right there is TRUE love…shoot, most men now a days don’t even stick with their woman that long!
I have never fostered an animal before, so to foster 7 puppies AND their parents it is a HUGE job but I know that in the end it will all be worth it.  We are saving 7 puppies and their loving parents lives, so even though these puppies poop and pee more then any other animal I have ever seen and make huge messes and have razor sharp teeth….it is 110% worth it.
10441056_10154885219725117_1231745147471933046_n 10521638_10154885219685117_8880019874890572473_n

They are SO adorable!

If your looking for a puppy, PLEASE go to a shelter or a rescue and save a
puppy or older dogs life!!!


Love Always,
Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 3.13.11 PM


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