Our outdoor Adventure- American River!

We had the best time a few weeks ago hiking down to the American River! It was our puppy Espy’s first adventure and she definitely loved it. I’m all for hiking, I love the outdoors; being able to breathe in the fresh mountain air-there is nothing better! BUT I have to admit…I was so scared we would run into a snake! I am terrified of snakes but thank goodness not one crossed our path!


We parked our cars up at the road and hiked down, it was probably a good mile hike. Perfect to get everyone all super hot and sweaty and ready to take a dip into the great American river!
When we got about half way down the hill the view was SO beautiful! It looked like it should be on a post card or in a calendar!


The water felt perfect, so refreshing and cold! Our dogs loved it! Once Espy figured out she knew how to swim she was running up and down the waterline like a mad-woman! It was her first time going in water (other then a bath) so she was pretty stoked!


Rosko loved sunbathing in the nice warm sand! He only went in the water when I put him in there but once he was in he liked it!


Everyone had an amazing time! We created memories that will last a lifetime! We can’t wait to go on our next outdoor adventure!


While we are here stationed in central/somewhat norCal we are trying to experience as much as we can here! I look forward to where else we adventure to this Summer!

Love Always,



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