Easy ways to live a more Eco-friendly life!

I recently posted this on my other blog but I decided to share it with you guys 🙂

Hello my blogging friends!

About 3 years ago I decided to make a big lifestyle change and live a more eco-friendly life! Why not, right?! Waste less, help save the planet, recycle, reuse…all sounds pretty awesome! It also helps that my husband is HUGE into everything that is “going green”! He is actually the one who made me even more aware of wasting and how to make a difference. He has taught me a lot and is amazing. He cares so much about the planet and has brought me into this amazing lifestyle-thanks babe!


These are the first steps I took to living a more eco-friendly life. They are very simple first steps to take that any one can do. The hardest part is just remembering to do it! If you have to, add reminders in your phone to remind you!




*So, the first change I made was started using reusable bags whenever I went shopping. Over the years my husband and I have a huge collection of bags, even today I still purchase them! Using reusable (and preferably canvas) bags helps create less waste! Imagine if everyone in the world stopped using those plastic bags! Bye, Bye, plastic waste you see on the side of the freeway, on the beach, and everywhere else they get thrown around!

We have at least 30 different bags, now-a-days they have so many different ones there are sure to be some you love! AND as an incentive to use reusable bags some stores offer a cash refund per bag you use. Usually it’s around $0.20 a bag.

*Another change you can make to live more eco-friendly is to purchase a re-usable water bottle! Stop using regular water bottles! It is wasteful especially if you don’t recycle! I have 2 that I use often. I have a gym bottle and a day to day bottle.

My every day bottle I LOVE! It is a Nalgene bottle that I have started to decorate with stickers! There are MANY different bottles to choose from and they are sold just about everywhere! So go out there and get one!

*Next, use less water! Every little bit counts.
-Don’t run the water while brushing your teeth! turn it on and off while you are cleaning your pearly whites!
-Take shorter showers!
-Don’t run you sprinklers for more then you have to…I have seen SO many times water running down the street and down the drain. —What a waste!
-Don’t run the water while washing dishes
-Run your dishwasher only when it is full

*Switch to eco-friendly soaps! We buy our laundry soap from Costco and our dish soap from Target but you can buy them from most stores! They are more gentle on our bodies and especially better for our mother earth!

*Support businesses who are “Green”. They recycle, don’t use plastic, use less energy and water…THEY are the ones who we should be shopping from! SUPPORT GREEN BUSINESSES!

There are many, many, MANY ways you can live a more eco-friendly lifestyle, these are just a few of the easiest and quick lifestyle changes!

So, are you going to make the leap? be less wasteful and show mother earth some love?

and if you already live a Eco-friendly lifestyle comment below and let me know what you do!

Love Always,




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