Things I Love

Water, water, WATER!
As the weather warms up I am trying my hardest to drink more water and stay hydrated.  I have drank lemon water in the past but I have stepped my game up! The past 2 days I have been infusing my water with different fruits, cucumbers and mint!  I’m obsessed! And with the added refreshing flavor I have been chugging way more water then I was before!  I encourage everyone to try it out!


I have infused my water with lemons, limes, mint, cucumbers, and tomorrow im doing strawberries!


All I do is early in the morning I put whatever Im adding to my water that day in a pitcher,fill it up with water and let it steep in the fridge for a few hours.  I know some people steep their water over night but for me It’s to strong…I like just slight flavor!


Have any of you guys infused water before? What is your favorite flavor?

Thanks for reading!
Love Always,
Miyuki Angel


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