Ecentrik Hapa

Some of you know that last year I started up an Etsy shop called Ecentrik Hapa.  I sell handmade hair bows and soon I am hoping to add more product.  I’m thinking floral crowns, dog bandanas, and I have a few other ideas up my sleeves.

For those of you interested in seeing my shop here is the link!

Just today I added a lot more bows!  Valentines Day is right around the corner so today I launched Ecentrik Hapa’s 2014 Valentines Day bows!  Here is a preview of a few of the bows, If you want to see more feel free to check out my shop!

Chevron bird valentines red polkadot robot valentine Pink chevron robot bow valentines

I also added a few Disney bows and Disney character bows!  There will be more disney bows added soon!

minnie mouse inspired bow Disney princess crown bow Pink Chevron minnie mouse bow


If you went and checked out my shop, what did you think?  any suggestions?  Leave your comments below! 🙂

Thanks for reading,


Love Always,

Miyuki Angel




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