New Year, New me, New blog!

Last year around this time I started Dose of Serendipity!  I love blogging but I feel like the look, name and some other random things with this blog is not exactly “me”.  This past year so much has happened and I think I have changed and become a different and better person.  I have learned a lot about myself and recently have decided to change the way I view myself, life and others.  This past year I have been diagnosed with partial seizures which has changed my life drastically.  I haven’t been able to drive for 3 months, started some heavy new medication, can’t get pregnant, and just coming to terms with it has been really hard and has changed me as a person.  We have also recently experienced a failed adoption.  It’s a long sad story but we had the hopes of adopting a new born girl…we even have a full baby room ready to go!   but some things happened and the birth mom was threatened and things changed for the worst.  I wish her and the baby the best…

Everything that has happened has made me a better person.  Although right now it is hard for me to see the lessons I have learned and what has made me better, but I know I am.  If anything I am stronger from it all and am thickening my skin.  That saying “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” has a whole new meaning for me.  I get it now.  So, I think the universe is done taking stabs at me and my husband and we can only go up from here!  Positivity and happiness only! We may get knocked down, but we will always get back up again!  Everything happens for a reason and I am sure there is a beautiful baby out there for us somewhere.  We were meant to be parents and I cannot wait to share the love we have with a little one.

Any ways, over the next few weeks dose of serendipity will be getting a make over.  I have a love for blogging and spilling my guts and and opinions so New year, New me, NEW BLOG!


Pictured is me and one of my little sisters.  Her and her mom recently came to visit me and I miss her and my family so much!

I look forward to the NEW blog and I hope you all will enjoy all the changes and posts I have in store for you.  I plan on spending much more time on blogging and experiencing more fun things to share with you all!


Love Always,

Miyuki Angel


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