Things I love.



My husband is amazing.  Going back to when he was deployed he has always got me flowers.  He had big flower arrangements with balloons and stuffed animals sent to me at work every month he was gone.  And since he has been back he continues to shower me with flowers.  This time he got me a mini indoor rose plant.  It is so beautiful!  🙂 put a huge smile on my face when I was going through a tough week 🙂


Vitamins!  Gummy vitamins are especially my favorite.  I’m a baby when it comes to taking vitamins so the gummy ones are right up my alley!  taste great and easy to take 😉 I got mine at costco.


My favorite candle at the moment is Plumeria by Yankee Candle.  I highly suggest this candle to anyone who loves floral scents.  It’s like heaven in a candle, and sooooo floral-y.


What are a few of your favorite things? I love to hear from you guys 🙂


Love Always,

Miyuki Angel



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