Healthy food yumminess

I try every day to eat healthy, clean, and in moderation.  I eat tons of fruits and veggies daily and try to eat as less of processed foods or junk foods as I can.  Here are a few snap shots of my recent healthy foods I have been indulging in…it’s not much at the moment but it is a segment I think I will be expanding on.  I know that when I see others eating healthy it makes me want to stay healthy to and it also inspires some of my healthy meals! 🙂


Simple healthy salad with salmon.  In my salad I like lots of veggies…onions, bellpeper, mushrooms and avacado.  And for the salmon we threw some seasonings (no salt) on it, sliced up a lemon and laid that on it then wrapped it in foil and threw it on the bbq!  Simple, healthy and Delicious dinner!


Here is a simple and very fullfilling snack.  I got Vanilla greek yogurt and added ground flax seed ( I got a large bag from costco), granola and a spoonful of peanut butter.   This snack is super filling and so, so yummy.  Im not to fond (at all) of greek yogurt, thats why I always get the vanilla version…tastes a lot better then the plain one! 😉


Fruit smoothie! This is one of my all time favorite snacks, especially during the summer months.  What I did was stopped at one of those fruit stands and got a flat of organic strawberries.  I washed them realllly good ( I use a vinegar, baking soda, water mix) then cut the greens off and laid them on a cookie sheet and put them in the freezer to freeze.  After frozen I bagged them up in freezer bags and BAM! I have organic frozen strawberries ready for smoothies!
In my smoothies I add frozen strawberries, greek yogurt, soy milk (regular milk works too…all on preference), ground flax seed, peanut butter, a tad of honey and sometimes ill add whatever juice I have in the house.  Blend that baby up and you have yourseld a healthy snack!  Of course you can add whatever fruits you want.  I usually also throw in a handful of fresh spinach 😉


Honemade chili…now I dont know exactly how healthy this is….but…because I added every single ingredient by hand into it I KNOW there is nothing completly unhealthy.  I know its low in sodium because I have control of what is in it.  Maybe in an upcoming post ill share my recipe. …but in my opinion whenever something like this is homemade it is always healthier ( or at least as healthy as YOU make it) then the alternative store bought nastyness 🙂


Another salad…..but this time with chicken and a light dressing 🙂 im a big salad girl and I love making my own as opposed to store bought or those from a resturant.

I hope these healthy food items inspired you to eat clean and healthy and gave you ideas of what to make! I will definitely be posting more healthy posts for you all! 🙂

What healthy food and meals are your favorite?

Thanks for reading
Love Always,
Miyuki Angel


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