Santa Cruz, CA Summer 2013 Mini Vacation.

I have never been to Santa Cruz, CA  before.  Which is actually pretty surprising being a Cali Girl my entire life!  It was absolutely beautiful!  I loved everything about being there, everything from how beautiful it is , the vibe, the little shops, the pier, the food, EVERYTHING!  It was just a really awesome place to vacation.  Hubby, Rosko and I were there for 2 nights/3 days.  It was the perfect length of time-not to short and not to long.  I highly recommend if you haven’t been to Santa Cruz,to go.  It is awesome!  Here are some photos from our trip.  I also recorded some video and I am working on putting the video together!  


Goodbye Cow town! We are heading off to Santa Cruz!!! WOOOO


On the way over there we stopped at one of the MANY fruit stands!  All the fruit looked so yummy!  Of all the awesome looking fruit we ended up buying a peach and WOW, it was DELICIOUS!


YAY! we are here! HELLO SANTA CRUZ!

walking sc

The moment we got there we checked into our hotel and went out walking downtown.  Rosko absolutely loved walking around and meeting new friends. Everyone loved him so much!  There were a lot of local artists on the street selling their art but the sign on the bottom left caught our eye.  They man who was doing the drawings was pretty cool so we decided to buy one of his pieces, well not buy but make a donation.  🙂

IMG_2645Rosko going into the stores 🙂

tiedyeinsantacruzI think hubby and I both can agree that one of our favorite parts of our mini vacation was Tie Dyeing tank tops and a bandana for Rosko at the store “A Brighter World”.  We randomly walked down a side street off of a main street in Down Town and ran into this place.  It was SO much fun and the people who work there and own the business are wonderful.  I HIGHLY recommend this place to everyone who goes to Santa Cruz!

Here is a link to their Facebook:

more walkingaroundsc

The next day Hubby, Rosko and I walked around Downtown again.  There is just so much to see and do that we couldn’t fit it all in one day!  We went into more shops, picked up our AWESOME tie dye projects and Rosko met more friends!

nut kreationsI think Hubbs favorite spot (hands down) was Nut Kreations, another small shop down a side street.  If you know my husband you know he is a health nut, always eating healthy and always working out.  He LOVES nuts and trail mixes and all that yummy goodness!  This store has SO MANY different types of nuts roasted, cooked and flavored in SO many different ways.  And along with nuts there are dried fruits and many other items.  Hubby had a great time picking out the nuts and fruits for his trail mix.  This is another place I highly recommend going to if you go to Santa Cruz.

Here is a link to their facebook page:


Hubby loves Breweries so that night we decided to go check out a local brewery.  It was pretty cool, I like the idea of it being all organic beer.  The building/bar area wasn’t very big but it was cozy and the people were really nice.  I don’t want to say to much because I plan on doing a review on this place 🙂

bye santa cruzThe day we left we stopped by the ocean.  It was so beautiful and I loved every moment we were there.  I can’t wait to come back soon!

roskobyescGoodbye Santa Cruz.  Until next time….

Thanks for reading, Have you ever been to Santa Cruz?  What was your favorite thing to do there? and where in California do you suggest we mini-vacation next?


Love Always,

Miyuki Angel


4 thoughts on “Santa Cruz, CA Summer 2013 Mini Vacation.

  1. Lovely shout out for Santa Cruz, thank you. I live here, I grew up here and it is always so cool to get the perspective of someone who visits. It’s a good reminder I live in a special place. I hope you get to come back soon. Don’t forget that we have around 80 wineries in the Santa Cruz Mountains too and some abut vineyards that in my opinion are just as awesome as places you’d find in Napa. The beach at Capitola and their small wharf if also a great place to take a stroll.

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