First Time using my dehydrator!

Today I came home from an amazing vacation with my husband and I immediately felt the urge to make some healthy snacks!  I remembered we received a dehydrator as a wedding gift and was quickly struck with so many ideas!  I ended up preparing apples and strawberries for my first time using my dehydrator.

Now since I have never done this before I got all my instructions from the internet and some from the instruction packet that came with my dehydrator so I don’t know exactly how they will turn out.  As I am typing this up the dehydrator is working it’s magic and filling my house with the aromas of strawberries and cinnamon apples 🙂

IMG_2884I just went to the store and bought strawberries, juice, and apples.  I read online that fruits that turn brown such as apples need to be soaked in an acidic juice like lemon, lime, orange or pineapple.  When I went to the store I was super excited to find pineapple orange juice! Yay!

Before you eat fruits you should always wash them.  I found a mixture online that calls for 1 cup white distilled vinegar and 3 cups water that washes fruits clear or pesticides, dirt and grime! sometimes I even dump a little bit of baking soda in there for an extra kick.IMG_2886

Look at all that nasty stuff that came off that small batch of strawberries! I just dump them in and swoosh them around a little bit then rinse the fruit off so it doesn’t have a vinegar taste to it.IMG_2889

The strawberries I cut in 2 different ways.  I wanted to see which way I liked better so I am testing them out.  This way is just cutting them in half.IMG_2890

Cutting the strawberries this way is cutting them so they are in circles.IMG_2891

For the 2 apples I peeled one and left one with the skin on.  I don’t have a apple corer so they didn’t turn out the prettiest but thats okay, when they dehydrate and shrink up I don’t think you will be able to tell.  So I sliced and cut up the apples them soaked them in the orange pineapple juice.

I let the apples soak for 5-7minutes.IMG_2893


Doesn’t all the fruit look so yummy!IMG_2894

While the apples were soaking I laid out all the strawberries.  I learned after I laid them all out that they could have been much, much closer together but thats okay, now I know for next time 🙂IMG_2896

For a kick of extra flavor I laid the apples out and sprinkled them with cinnamon…YUM!IMG_2897

I laid the apples out, once again I know I could have put them much closer, but that’s okay 🙂IMG_2899

In the dehydrator they go!

I can’t wait for them to be done!  I have read they can take anywhere from 4-12 hours! Uhhh….thats an awfully big time difference…. so I guess I will just see how they look after 4 hours and then go from there.

I’l be sure to do a follow up post on how they turned out!

Have you ever used a dehydrator?  What did you dehydrate and how did they turn out? I would love to hear all about it!  Make sure to comment below!


Love Always,

Miyuki Angel


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