Two days ago Hubby and I had our first BBQ!  Since we moved we haven’t had a BBQ because we left it with our last house when we moved so we were SUPER excited to buy a new one and get to BBQing!  But First, we had to play a game of Scrabble and eat some yummy Summer Fresh fruit!  Definetly one of my favorite parts of Summer is the fruits that are in season!



Hubby LOVES his new BBQ!  We made yummy burgers and his was a MONSTER of a burger!



First BBQ Summer 2013



Take a look at this monster of a burger hubby made! AND he ate the whole thing!

What a manburger!Hubby Monster of a burger!

So now that Summer is officially here (it has been 110+degrees the past 3 days!) What are you favorite Summer Activities?

Comment below!


Loe Always,

Miyuki Angel


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