UPDATE! Orange Mint- Propagating

I have an exciting update to my post on March 28th!  The Orange Mint that I took a stab at propagating has done phenomenal!  I put the Orange Mint in a glass jar and set it on my kitchen’s window seal and let Mother Nature do her work.  Every three days I changed the water so the clippings would have fresh water and within days there were roots sprouting!

Here is the first photo, taken on March 28th, the day I put the clippings in water.DSC_0251



Here is the mint 23 days later!IMG_20130419_103517

Even though there are plenty of roots sprouted, I’m going to leave them in for a week longer and then transplant them into soil!

Have you had any success propagating any plants?  If so what?

Comment below 🙂

Thanks for reading,  I have some very exciting blog posts coming up for the future!


Love Always,

Miyuki Angel


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