House to Home- Painting

I must say, picking the right colors to paint the inside of the house was a bigger deal then I thought.  I had an idea walking into Lowes what colors I wanted but that quickly changed when I started looking at the paint chips.  I knew specific colors I wanted…greys for the living room, light blue for the kitchen, mint for my office but there was so many different shades of each color that is was a bit overwhelming.  Two hours and about 8 paint cans later my husband and I finally left the hardware store.

First room we started with was the dining room.  We picked out the color “Sleek Grey” which looks like a light blue actually.  We took the time and taped off the windows and tackled the room.  After painting our first room I have a few tips for you all when it comes to painting your house!

1. Pay the extra money to have primer in your paint.  It is so worth it because instead of having to paint a primer on and then two coats of your colored paint, you only have to paint it twice with your primer/colored paint! Skip the extra step and pay the extra money.

2.  I hate doing half a job and moving on to the next.  So my next tip is Don’t save the last touchups for later. Completely finish a room no matter how much you dont want to do the little things because if you don’t do it now, you wont ever do it.

3.  Take the time to put down tape.  No matter how steady you think your hand is, you will not paint as straight of a line as you could with tape.

4. Wash your walls before you paint!  We took a big sponge with warm water and a mild soap and washed the walls down.  It helps the paint stick better when there is no cob webs and dust! but make sure the walls are dry before you start painting!

DSC_0336The room was a light brown color and we painted it “Traver Tine”.  It is close to the color of the kitchen but more grey. I love it and I love the transition and I love how much brighter the living room is!

DSC_0311This is a wall in our bedroom.  The color was an ugly hunter green.  Here we have washed down the walls and we are waiting for them to dry so we can paint it a pretty blue!

DSC_0325Beautiful blue isnt it? This is the color we picked out to cover the hunter green.

DSC_0334The color looked great on the wall! My husband was such a big help when it came to painting!

diningroom before and afterSorry for the bad sizing but this is the dining room before and after!  It took us two days to complete but it was so worth it! Goodbye ugly brown and hello pretty “sleek Grey” but looks like a light blue!

20130126_142608Our paint chips! The green on the right I used on a wall in my office!

I will do another post about painting.  I have more before and after photos to show you all, and I didnt even get to show you my office!  Keep a look out for my next “House ot Home” Blog post!


Love Always,

Miyuki Angel



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