House to Home- Moving in is a long process!

Wow guys, I am so sorry! I have not posted on my blog since January 26th! Sheesh…. Well if it makes things any better WE GOT THE HOUSE AND WE ARE LIVING HERE!!!! YIPPEE!!!  We have been extremly busy meeting with so many different people.  Carpet/tile cleaners, Carpet instillation guy, the movers, the internet guy, the t.v. guy, and the guy who brought our new appliances!  And on top of all that we have been busy painting walls! That in itself is a long process!  I will post a little bit later my tips for painting the interior of a house.  I can’t believe how much of a process it is to move into a house!  It’s all about getting things done in layers.  You have to paint before you can put stuff up on the walls, you have to have carpet cleaned or replaced before you can place furniture, and so on and so forth.  It’s a long but super fun process.  We are totally turning this house into our home!  Just painting the walls new colors has already made the place feel more like home!  Here are a few photos I have snapped the past few days… a glimpse into the moving process!

*Sorry if some of the photos are not the best quality, some days I didn’t have my camera on me, oops!



DSC_0305We got our furniture! Yay!!!


Painting, Painting & more Painting! I’ll be doing a post about all the painting we have done.  And no comments about my awesome outfit.  The first night we got the keys we randomly decided we wanted to start painting and I didn’t have any painting clothes so we went to the local drug store and bought what they had…. pretty awesome right?


Empty garage ready to be filled with all our stuff! oh, and look…There is the movers!!!


Our stuff was all boxed up and moved in crates!


We had a lot of stuff!  Actually, we didn’t have much stuff because we sold all our furniture before we left, but it sure did look like we had a lot!

20130130_135348The tile cleaners did an excellent job cleaning all the time in the house!! They looked brand spankin new!!

I have been super busy lately but that’s no excuse.  I will try my hardest to post more tomorrow, I have a lot of good stuff to post about!


Love Always,

Miyuki Angel



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