Something that happened tonight that I had to share…

So, on the way home from signing out house papers (We get the keys tomorrow!!) we saw a car that went off the road and was on the side of the hill (It looked like it was close to flipping!) So we stopped to see if she was okay and thank god she was, a little shaken up but she was okay…. and we stayed with her until her parents came for her. She got so lucky in so many ways, her car was close to flipping down the hill AND she barely grazed the giant signal pole (but she did hit it hard enough to break the signal off the pole! It was just dangling there!) anyways, Her mom was so thankful we stayed with her that she insisted we take a $50 starbucks gift card from her. I told her no thank you a million times, and that we were just thankful her daughter is okay but she left it on the bumper of AJ’s truck so we had to take it. When AJ and I got into our car accident, no one stopped to make sure we were okay, no one did anything but continue to drive by us, so I know how thankful that mom was that we stopped and stayed with her daughter. It is dark, cold , raining and she was very scared. We did not want anything for stopping to help out, we stopped because we knew it was the right thing to do. So, I am going to hang on to this $50 star bucks card and give it to the next person who does a kind thing. Something that they do purely out of the kindness of their heart ā™„


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