Food Review! Lightlife Smart Ground-Mexican Style

“Oh my Gosh, I can’t eat this!!!”…..Yeah, thats pretty much what came out of my mouth the second I took a whiff of “Light Life’s Smart Ground- Mexican Style”.  Not even kidding.  I wish my very first Food Review could be a good one but unfortunately folks, I am going to be blunt and honest with you all.  I was SO excited to try this vegetarian meat  replacement!  My family was having tacos for dinner and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try it!

Here are the specs of the product:

blog food reviewNow, I want everyone to remember that this is just MY opinion, and MY review.  If you have tried this product and you like it or love it, well thats AWESOME for you.  What really sold me on the product is the box.  I have a weakness to matte finished products.  I don’t know why but anything with a matte finish gets me every time!  Besides the lovely box… I Do Not Recommend this product to ANYONE.  The smell is Terrible, I don’t even know how to begin to describe the smell.  It for me was one of those smells where you had to build up courage to even put it in your mouth to taste it! Yeah, it smells THAT bad!   And the taste…Terrible.  Just terrible.  I was not expecting it to taste like meat in ANY WAY, so don’t get me wrong.  I just didn’t expect it smell and taste this bad!

Here is a look of the product unpackaged:

blog food review2In the plastic package it looked somewhat like play doh.  Once you get it in the skillet and start cooking it, it starts to look like a ground beef replacement type food.  It actually LOOKED like it would be good, but the smell and taste is just to disgusting.

I give this food a F- in my book.  Sorry, Lightlife Smart Ground- Mexican Style!

There has GOT to be a better meat replacement out there then this.  I have to admit, I felt a little discouraged but I guess I am now a little excited to go out and find something new and much, much better!

Sorry if this to you was such a harsh Food Review.  I will always be honest and always be myself! No sugar-coating here folks!

Have you ever tried this product?  Comment below if you have and what you thought of it!  Also, for you Vegetarians out there, what are your favorite meals?

Love Always,


Miyuki Angel




One thought on “Food Review! Lightlife Smart Ground-Mexican Style

  1. I have not found a single all vegetarian meat replacement product that is worth eating in my book. I gave up on it long ago. But I hope you find something that works for you! Have you still been sticking to your veggie diet?

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