“Things” I Love!

So today I had a homework assignment for my Advertising and Promotions class.  The assignment was to bring in a link of my favorite commercial or print ad to share with the class.  I thought FOR SURE everyone would have laughed just as much as I did the first, second and hundredth time I have see this commercial. It’s hilarious! but, somehow it ended up being a total flop! Only 3 people laughed (and sadly, I was one of them!).  I couldn’t believe it!  If there is one thing I learned today it is that my Advertising and Promotions class have no sense of humor! I love this commercial so much I thought I would share it on my “Things” I love section of my blog.  I think it was a genius idea to combine Blake Griffin and Kia!!!  His serious humor is hilarious and it gets me laughing every time!  This is only one of the many hilarious Griffin/Kia commercials &  the one I brought into my class.  Comment below with if you think this is hilarious or not!

Much love,


Miyuki Angel


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