Smoothie Fail & my lunch for today.

So this morning I thought I would take another try at perfecting my breakfast smoothie.  This morning in my smoothie I added: Fresh kiwi, Fresh apples, assorted frozen fruit, spinach, a tiny bit of honey, light V8 juice and greek yogurt.  Sadly, it was a fail for me.  Trial and error I guess.  I learned I am not a big fan of apples in my smoothie! It was a combination of the tiny bits of apple skin and the texture the apple gave the smoothie.  Luckily my husband liked it so Hooray for him! He got two breakfast smoothies! Ha!   Im sure the average person would have liked it, I’m just one of those weird texture people!  Tomorrow I will probably try the same just minus the apple!

DSC_0032Today is day 2 of me becoming a vegetarian and so far it’s not to bad.  I made it my first day with zero meat!! Although, I was very tempted last night.  My husband and I went to an amazing Italian restaurant and boy did the lasagna look tempting, and the italian sausage raviolis! But, I stayed strong and ordered a vegetarian minestrone soup and had pasta with plain red sauce.  It felt good passing it up and staying strong! 🙂

My lunch for today consists of a salad with lots of veggies and a yogurt!  Here is a photo of my salad.  It’s so pretty and colorful 🙂

DSC_0033 DSC_0035 Comment below with some of your favorite vegetarian dishes!

Love you all,


Miyuki Angel


2 thoughts on “Smoothie Fail & my lunch for today.

    1. Thanks 🙂 I love the Nutribullet! It is much better then the magic bullet!!! and sometimes with the magic bullet when I use to make smoothies there would be random small chunks of frozen fruit, with the Nutribullet I have not had the problem at all yet!

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