50 things you now know about me [that you didn’t know before].

1. I wear only one contact.

2. My birthday is October 24th.

3. My youngest brother and I are 17 years apart!

4. I am deathly afraid of snakes.

5. I have never been to New York.

6. I hate rasins.

7. I love hot tea (almost any flavor!)

8. I love gloomy, rainy, cold days.

9. I may look like a city girl but I grew up in the country! (You can take the girl out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the girl!)

10. I was a cheerleader in High School.

11. I can’t snap my fingers.

12. I have a strange fear of fish.

13. I love going on hikes.

14. I love fashion but do not have a favorite designer, also not a fan of “high” fashion.

15. When I talk to my dog I have a specific voice I use and I often sing what I am saying to him.  I know.  I’m a little weird.

16. I want to run in one of the Disney marathons some day.

17. My favorite seasons are Fall and Winter.

18. I hate the heat.

19. I have a garden gnome who travels with me named Slausen.

20. I love growing plants like herbs, succulents and flowers!

21. My favorite Youtuber is Jenna Marbles. I love her humor!

22. I have a Nikon camera.

23. I love trinkets.

24. I am a total NERD. I love Disney and Star Wars!

25. I hate running, my favorite type of cardio is dancing…does that count!?

26. My favorite sport is baseball… GO ANGELS!!!!!

27. My favorite color is constantly changing!

28. I am allergic to bananas and raw almonds.

29. I hate roller coasters.

30. I have never broken a bone. Knock on wood!!!!!!

31. I love dogs!

32. I sometimes have more compassion for animals then I do humans.

33. I love Elvis Presley.

34. I was in my first car accident last year. (It was terrifying)

35.  One of my favorite dishes to make is stir-fry! I love taking the time to cut up all the different veggies and I love how colorful the final product is! Yum!

36. My favorite brand of tea is “Yogi Tea”. I love the awesome sayings on all the tea tags!

37. I love word searches.

38. I am really afraid of Chuckie, (Yes, the scary little kids doll)

39. I love being organized and keeping lists and always having my calendar handy.

40. My favorite t.v. show at the moment is Once upon a time on ABC.

41. My favorite number is either 2 or 24.

42. When I was younger I used to collect Pogs.  For you youngins who do not know what POGS are, google it.

43. I love movies, but I hate going to the movies unless it is a movie I am very excited to see… (I hate having to sit still that long!)

44. When it comes to boy bands… I liked N’sync over Backstreet Boys.

45. I love mushrooms.

46. I have an adorable nephew.

47. I like collecting sea glass at the beach!

48. I love Disney/Pixar movies! ALL of them!!!!

49. I love baseball and basketball but hate football!

50. Mike Trout is my favorite baseball player! He’s a beast! GO ANGELS!


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