Becoming a vegetarian starting TODAY!

Many people have already asked me “Why?!” Or have said…”Really?!”…uhhhh yes people. I (Miyuki Angel) am going to take a stab at becoming vegetarian.   To me it seems like such a healthy clean lifestyle! Why not try it?! I know it will be hard at first that is why I am allowing myself one cheat day a week at the beginning.  I went out an bought myself a Nutribullet and a bunch of veggies, fruits, and tofu 🙂
This is what I had for breakfast this morning…


I had a homemade smoothie! And to be honest at first it wasn’t the best tasting smoothie in the world but I got used to it half way through. 
For my smoothie I had: assorted frozen fruit, spinach,  Greek yogurt,  and light V8 juice.  It was a little bitter but not bad! Next time I will add a little bit of honey and some old fashion rolled oats.  Oh, I also had a piece of wheat toast with peanut butter and honey!
Here’s to healthy clean eating! Please comment below with your favorite vegetarian dishes, snacks, etc!
Love you all!
Miyuki Angel


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