Miyuki’s Week- Almost Christmas!

As Christmas quickly approaches, my week has mostly consisted of everything Christmas! From decorating the tree, Christmas shopping, wrapping gifts and even building a Ginger Bread House!

So here you have it, my week in photos! 🙂

My Baby Rosko is ready for Santa!  Behind him is the Christmas tree we set up!


My Aunt has some beautiful ornaments! 🙂

It is FREEZING here now that winter is upon us.  All the leaves are falling and yet among all the fall/winter weather I happened to find the most BEAUTIFUL rose! DSC_0021

Presents Wrapped and put under our tree! I have ben so good this year! Usually I am so excited for everyone to receive the gift I have gotten them that I end up telling them what I got them! HA! but so far NO ONE KNOWS!….yet, anyways 😉DSC_0022

Wrapping supplies.DSC_0024

Gumdrops. Yum!DSC_0029

Candy ready to be put onto a gingerbread house!DSC_0034

Okay, if anyone has ever said building a gingerbread house was easy….they lied.  It took us a good 2 hours to build and decorate the house!  It completely fell apart one time and we had to re-build it from the ground up!  But in the end, I think it turned out half decent 😉  It was actually really fun and a lot of laughter came from the building of it!gingerbread house 2012


2 thoughts on “Miyuki’s Week- Almost Christmas!

  1. The trick to these is to construct the house the night before you decorate. that way it is all hard and wont break on you! I have learned a few things with ginger bread houses, building them with Brooke since she was 1!

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